Shaun Levin

Some more than Others

Shaun Levin

Some more than Others



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Colored Pencil, Gesso, Graphite


Reused art catalogue


14 × 10.5 in


Madrid, Spain

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What are you? Who are you? Where do you belong? Questions often asked of immigrants, non-binary people, queer people, and artists in general. Some More Than Others is a book about the importance of spending time with others to find out who they are. There are no simple answers, just connections.

A group of creatures shares the drawings an artist made of them while the artist was invited to spend time with them in July 2022. The artist went home and left the drawings with the creatures. They in turn drew a picture of the artist which the artist took away with them, and so we’ll never see what the artist looked like.

A story about intimacy and friendship, about kindness and creativity, and the unexpected connections that can happen when we let go of labels.

“The illustrations started out as sketches of seeds, leaves and flowers found on my regular evening walks here in Madrid. Just as the seed tells us nothing of what it will grow into, so I allowed the lines of the drawing to dictate the creature that emerged. The book became another in a series of works about friendship, a theme I’m particularly fascinated by at the moment.” — artist Shaun Levin