CUBAMarshall WeberMary Wagner

Slaughter of the Trees

CUBA, Marshall Weber, Mary Wagner

Slaughter of the Trees



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Acrylic, Marker pen


Cloth case


16 × 16 in



$ 6,200.00


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Letterform Archive

This book is in the esteemed collection of the Letterform Archive in San Francisco. (Right down the street from CUBA’s studio!)

Another exuberant collaboration featuring San Francisco graffiti ‘Godfather” CUBA (AKA Clarence Robbs), with artist/poet Marshall Weber, legendary binder of artists’ books Sophia Kramer and a rare guest appearance by Spirograpghic artist Mary Wagner, as the graffiti is executed over a huge spirograph drawing by Wagner. The embroidered covers are of unknown Central American origin. Cuba’s enigmatic lettering conveys all the vivid frenzy of Weber’s meditation on climate change catastrophe and then some…

When fully unpacked the book is a massive 12-foot long wall of explosive calligraphy.

Cuba is the primary creator of graffiti-style illuminated manuscripts and his unique collaborations are collected throughout the world. He has also painted over 800 large-scale murals throughout the United States, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cuba whose practice has often bridged the worlds of community activism, graffiti, and the art world has often been cited as an influence for many of the Bay Area ‘Mission School’ artists as well as other street and activist culture workers. The book is designed by Marshall Weber and bound by Sophia Kramer

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