Brian D. Tripp

Sing It. Dance It.

Brian D. Tripp

Sing It. Dance It.



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Collage, Digital print, Hand-painting, Ink, Inkjet, Offset print


19 × 12 × 0.5 in




Panamnik, CA

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Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

A complex meditation on the effect of the European attempt to colonize Native Americans, as with many of Brian’s books the contents collide intensely personal experiences, historical commentary, and story/prayers.

Collaging numerous media, sources, and styles from across decades of creation, including ‘found’ material with various interventions, the book touches on personal and social pain and celebrates the physical and psychic resistance to oppression using both English and Karuk iconography.

Much of the book illuminates the crucial relationship of Karuk dance culture specifically to Karuk and Native American survival and in general to maintain the health of the entire planet Earth.

The book was designed with assistance from long-time friend and collaborator Marshall Weber and impeccably bound by Tripp’s acclaimed binder and conservator of over 10 years, Sophia Kramer. This collaborative group being is one of the many ‘Team Tripp’s’ that Brian has organized over the years to facilitate his prolific art practice.

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