Mark Taylor

Sensing the World by Echo

Mark Taylor

Sensing the World by Echo



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Monarch Gold Printing

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The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

University of Connecticut (UCONN)

University of Southern California (USC)

Sensing the World by Echo is a “Frankenstein’s monster” of a movie, stitched together with parts robbed from the graveyard of B-movie horror and sci-fi films. A colorful, animated paper collage, the video is assembled from scraps of 1950s and ‘60s children’s books, how-to manuals, science texts, and encyclopedias.

Sensing the World by Echo is a “biography” using science fiction elements to explore the classic ideas of that genre (otherness, paranoia, alternate reality). The video is a life story constructed from pieces of other stories, much the way we base our ideas of self on pieces of information we receive from our environment. Form follows content, as my main character “re-imagines” his reality, I re-contextualize found sounds and images to tell his story.

The book (stylistically modeled on Isaac Asimov’s children’s science book, Satellites in Outer Space, printed in 1960 by Random House) grounds the experience of the video in a more traditional narrative form. As a children’s book, it is meant to express how we are all “lost in space,” all improvising to deal with the unfamiliar.

Pages printed with Century Schoolbook font on Epson Stylus Photo R800 printer. Cover foil stamped by Monarch Gold Printing, San Francisco. 8.5″ x 7.” 37 pages. Edition of 15 plus 5 APs. 2006.