Rima Day

Scriptum XX

Rima Day

Scriptum XX



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Embroidery, Fabric, Paper, Thread


Silk Organza


Thompson's Station, TN

$ 2,800.00


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Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Atlanta

“It is my 20th book of this series and I wanted to revisit the shape that the threads spread out from the center, which I come back to a lot. How I want to layer the blood vessel like structures changes time to time. Sometimes more in the middle pages but this time, I left more space to see the veins through pages. It is a suggestion that there are so much that we can’t see very clearly behind the visible part. Also, where I leave the thread hanging changes every time I make this shape. This time it became more scattered – even the threads in the middle are coming out from different pages. I think it is where energy/ emotion is flowing to… maybe it is spread thin to many directions or is it distributed to all the directions that was needed.” — Rima Day on Scriptum XX