Sari Sari Storybooks: Amina

Sari Sari Storybooks: Amina


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Amina and the City of Flowers, 2016, Christina Newhard & Robbie Bautista, published by Sari-Sari Storybooks. 26 pages, 8in x 10in, softcover.

Amina, a young Yakan weaver, is homesick for Basilan, but she finds inspiration for her loom in the diversity and color of her new home, Zamboanga City.

Triste si Amina, un hija y tejera Yakan, acordando con el Basilan, pero ya incuntra le inspiracion para con su luma na diversidad del di suyu nuevo ciudad, el Zamboanga.

Lang: English & Chavacano

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