sTo Len

Sanitation Print Box Set

sTo Len

Sanitation Print Box Set



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Debris, Oil paint, Silkscreen, Suminagashi, Water


Queens, NY

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Interdisciplinary artist sTo Len was the Public Artist in Residence for the NY Department of Sanitation from 2021-23. During his residency, Len revitalized a dormant sanitation screen printing shop that housed hand-printed street signs, trucks, and posters dating from the 1960s. Reusing the old equipment and leftover designs, sTo Len has created a series of monoprints on paper that remix old sanitation slogans and symbols with his own marbling techniques. This department intervention gives both the public and the sanitation employees a fresh look at their often invisible labor and lost visual history while speaking to the continued relevancy of our culture’s on-going waste management issues.

Each box set is unique and comes with 12 prints, one catalog book, and ephemera (a pencil, buttons, stickers).