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Laser Etching


12.75 × 19 in


$ 2,800.00

Out of Print

This print from a series of three images each in an edition of 3, continues Reed’s experimentation with the material and presentation possibilities of print form.

The matrix (the machine/computer code which controls the laser cutter can be considered the matrix) is printed by a laser engraving machine, the images are etched and burned into the paper by the laser. The process is slow and each portfolio takes in excess of 24 hours to physically produce. “Rupture” is made with the same laser etching technique from Justin James Reed’s book Symbol Title.

The print is 19 x 12.75 in a 22 x 16 x 1 silver frame.
Laser etching machine model: GCC LaserPro Spirit
Paper: Moab Lasal Photo Matte 235gsm