Gloribel Delgado Esquilín

Reza por Gaza / Pray for Gaza

Gloribel Delgado Esquilín

Reza por Gaza / Pray for Gaza



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Acrylic, Drawing, Embroidery, Patchwork, Textile






27 × 20 in




Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

$ 18,000.00

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“This book was born on January 1, 2024 in the colony of Puerto Rico, while painting a mural in front of the Capitol of Puerto Rico. We were several friends establishing a dialogue between Puerto Rico and Palestine. Many similarities unite us. We painted a mural on the street. People passed by, and we talked about the genocide in Palestine.

During the middle of the dialogue, it rained and the images I painted were erased.
Hours later, when I looked at the images born in the sun, it was as if Gaza’s cry had brought a cry of prayer for the planet.
When you read this book, you can replace the name of Gaza with the name of any country or city oppressed by the capitalist system. Because Gaza is all of us.

Long live Free Palestine!
Long live Puerto Rico!
Long live the South!
Long live the people! Long live the people!”

The Reza por Gaza book was premiered at the Codex Foundation bookfair in Oakland California in February 2024, in the ramshackle and long neglected Henry Kaiser Convention Center which was next to a large encampment of unhoused people, and took place in a atmospheric river storm. As the book was first being shown the ceiling of the HKCC opened up over Booklyn’s table and wept upon the book. Gloribel grabbed the book and hugged it tightly, thus the “hugging love for Gaza” ritual was born and since that time Gloribel has traveled with the book and given people a chance to hug it and focus their love on Gaza.