Halah Khan

Reminiscence 7

Halah Khan

Reminiscence 7



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Embroidery, Ink, Textile


15 × 17 × 1 in



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Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Reminiscence 7 is an epic study of alienation that holds both universal and personal ramifications. The book asks the questions we have all asked, in part, because the book is a projection of the reader. Khan’s books always acknowledge the reader’s (and the book’s) subjectivity, and she is consistently successful in catalyzing readers into inner dialogs with the contents of her books. Whether it be the oppressive and comic illustration of the giant thumbs (“under my thumb”?) or the profound yet echoing, angsty, adolescent soliloquy of the text, and its glorious material echoing, the book, in its ambition and size, submerges us in Khan’s adept illumination of this particular emotional tidal wave.