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Giclee, Silkscreen


16.5 × 11.8 in



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University of Minnesota

Yale University, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

This large-format, labor-intensive book is a new collaborative work between Anna and Christian, which is a continuation of the “Re-” artist’s books series.

The title references a collaborative poster by Christopher Wool and Felix Gonzales-Torres: It is a blown-up printed text that ends in the words “no more home.” The last six letters on this poster, lifted from their context, fit this re-interpretative and lightheartedly self-reflexive “chop n’ screw” work perfectly. 

Re:Home displays the artists’ continuing exploration of genre-blurring design techniques. A mise-en-abyme of media and techniques, the final result is a unique work in which it is hard to pinpoint one specific technique. The focus lies instead with the trademark edgy yet harmonious mood omnipresent in the final version.

Silkscreen and gicleé. 31cm x 41.8 cm. 34 pages. Signed and numbered edition of 15. 2010.
Produced under the imprint Bongout, pre-2012