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Radical Culture and Science Zine Archive

Kurt Allerslev

Radical Culture and Science Zine Archive



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Collage, Inkjet, Letterpress, Offset print, Photo, Risograph, Silkscreen, Xerox


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Booklyn, Inc.


$ 6,800.00


369 publications in 6 bankers boxes with one oversize flat box.
Dates: 1965 – 2019
A complete inventory for the archive is available on request. We can reduce the asking price for collection redundancy within reason.

This would be the perfect seed collection for any library just starting to jump into Zine land and a perfect addition to any art, book arts, graphic design, communications, media, or publishing studies programs; especially at an institution that also has strong science and ecology collections.

While Kurt Allerslev has a Ph.D. in Phyto-chemistry from the City University of NY and has worked Internationally in the fields of cancer research and organic chemistry, he also has a lifelong interdisciplinary creative practice as a musician, cultural activist, and artist. Allerslev was a co-founding member of numerous pioneering art organizations and groups including: Gnip Gnop, an experimental band, (Madison, Wisconsin), the pirate radio station Steal This Radio (NYC) and Booklyn, Inc. where he is currently the President of Booklyn’s Board of Directors. For many years Allerslev was a squatter and legal assistant for other squatters in the Lower East Side of New York City.

Allerslev is an extremely charismatic and intelligent character and this is his personal Zine collection which reflects the dynamic and intriguing life he has lived and is living. Most of the publications are rare small editions published for small specific political or scientific communities or even for smaller activist affinity groups. As with any great collection this archive amply reflects the complexity of the collector’s interests, intellect, and aesthetics.

Major categories of Zines and independent publications in the collections include: alternative plant chemistry, anarchist and radical politics, collage, ecology, and squatting and housing rights.

Notable Titles:
ABC # 1 Slaves of Cristo
Acmeat 2: Fuckin’ Symphonies
Arsonist and the Big City
Art Flux 
Asshats for Shitheads
Ayahuasca Analogs and Plant-Based Tryptamines: The Best of the Entheogen Review, 1992-1996
Barbara Kruger
Bicycle Messenger: New York City
Biotechnology & the New World Order
Bitch Vol 1, #3
Blackkat MayDay 2001
Bomb the Suburbs
Booklyn Education Manual, The
Boy’s Club
Broccoli Conspiracy, The
Call to Earth
Carnival of Chaos: On the Road with the Nomadic Festival
Cascadia Salmon: A Wild Salmon Fanzine
Collective Unconscious, The
Crap Hound
Culture Jamming
Dandelion Whine; Issue
Destroying Angels #1
Dreamtime Talkingmail #3
East Village Inky, The
Ectopia Vol II, Issue 4
El Otro Lado (The Other Side)
Entheogen Review, The
Ethnobotanical Catalog of Seeds
Eugenics and the Pioneer Fund
Florence of Arabia #1
Frank: Pupshaw Edition
Free Society Vol 4, #2
Frenzy of Creativeness/How to use the Fish Head
Gestation Animation
Grass Roots Art Energy
Green Futures
Gunderson Medical Journal, The
History & Catechism of the Moorish Orthodox Church of America
Honey Broker, The
Horizontal Resistance
Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology
In Celebration of Plant Science
Iowa City Free Radio, Newsletter 
Ker-bloom! The First Two Years
La Vida Secreta de los Gabachos (The Secret Life of White People)
Le Gun
Let’s play! Coloring and activity book, based on the life of Jean Genet
Loompanics Unlimited
Made In Bookland: Books Made by Brooklyn Artists
Madworld Survival Guide: New Orleans Anarchist Quarter
MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Mexico City Teotihucan Oaxaca Monte Alban Puerto Escondido
Microradio Broadcasting: Aguascalientes of the Airwaves
My Evin Twin Sister #1: Greetings From the Endless Highway
No More Prisons
Occupied Wall Street Journal
Peace Seeds Research Journal
People & Plants
Permaculture Activist, The
Pigeon Skirt, The
Pocket Guides to the Hergiberg
Primal Seeds
Prison Boom, The
Psychedelic Illuminations
Psychedelic Resource List
Rainbow 6: Warsong
Rebel Fux!
Reckoning with the Anthropocene
Rise of the Washer Woman, The
Sage Woman
Sandy Relief Bulletin
Scam 25th Anniversary Issue
Slug and Lettuce #64
Stretching Panties 
Sustaining the Hyperkulture: toward an ecology of information
Teen Fag Magazine
Temp Slave 
Temple City Tribune
Under the Sign of the Bicylce
Untitled (Trespassing-Loitering Forbidden by Law)
War for Living Space, The
Witches & Mad Prophets: 13 Heretics
Xexoxial Editions