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Graphite, Ink, Natural Pigments




13 × 12 in


Brooklyn, NY


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University of Central Florida (UCF)

Eggshell mosaic covers, cinnamon, turmeric impasto pages, with ink calligraphy

Artists: ORGANIK: Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber
Binding: hand-sewn binding, leather spine by Kurt Allerslev
Covers: eggshell mosaic boards by Kurt Allerslev
Edition: unique
Pages: 8, 13 X 12 inches
Publisher: Organik, Brooklyn, NY
Media: polyvinyl acetate, cinnamon, and turmeric impasto pigment covered pages, graphite dust painting, xylene ink transfer, ink, other media. (Note: the book is interleaved because of the nature of the PVAc/spice pigment which can be tacky, even audibly so. Though slight and unavoidable migration of pigment pieces may occur – as with any impasto medium or organic material artwork – the book has been page tested hundreds of times and no significant damage will be incurred by paging the book.)

Another prehistoric prayer from Allerslev and Weber. Working over the course of years, “Radiant Gods” is one of a series of books slowly chipped out of the spice caves of Organik’s universe. The book is deliciously pungent and the perception of smell dramatically impacts the reader.

“I match my fist to the sun
My hand gloved in brilliance
I control the radiant gods
Through me they take their mortal forms
Through them I am immortal”
— Marshall Weber