CUBAMarshall Weber

Radiant Gods

CUBA, Marshall Weber

Radiant Gods



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Artist Book


13 × 23.75 in


Brooklyn, NY, San Francisco, CA


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San Francisco Bay Area graffiti superhero Cuba uses a full spectrum of hand-painted wild style lettering to illuminate a traumatic and romantic poem by Marshall Weber. This may be the first time that graf-style writing has been used for a complete text.

The book is a giant accordion fold and opens up to over 35 feet long, it’s an incredible wall of graphic intensity. Weber’s poem evokes the struggle and optimism that Cuba represents to the international graffiti community. Well known for his style and personal integrity, Cuba also has incredible stamina and commitment, though he has advanced kidney failure and undergoes dialysis three days a week (and has for over a decade) he is still in the streets painting almost every day and night and has been know to tape markers to his hand so he can tag when unable to so larger murals.

Media: Marker pen
Paper: Pergamon



I raise my fist to match the sun,
and my hand gloves in brilliance
I control the radiant gods
through me they live in mortal form
through them I am immortal.

Seek for me in the burning grass
when all creatures crawl slowly
struck in fear
the heat like a time machine
slowing all the frantic flights
to molten molasses movements
like nightmares brought to waking life

find me there
and I will kiss you with fountains of clear cold water
I will bear you to escape inside my breath
inhaling you
encapsulating your being
within my own
making our lives together
our home