8 × 10 × 2 in

$ 280.00

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Metanoia, 2017
7.25 X 5.25 inches
Hardcover, handsewn, each with unique cyanotype cover
60 pages, 28 full color photographs
digitally printed

Actual cover may vary, each is a unique cyanotype on cloth.

In the age of the scattered tribe how do we find connection? Metanoia refers to a change of heart influenced by a spiritual conversation or experience. When we come into conversation with plants, animals and other nonhuman beings on a physical level, we are also inviting an opportunity to open ourselves on a spiritual level. As we engage with these conversations, we may go beyond the limiting scope of human language. A shift in the direction of listening, relating and understanding. This work is a homage to plant and rock spirits—a recognition of the power of conversations with plants, animals, stones and other nonhumans. It is a way of living in connection—with reciprocity and collaboration.