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Facsimile, Laser Print


Hahnemühle Ingre paper




Brooklyn, NY

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Scripps College, Denison Library

Color copy facsimile edition, hand-sewn tapes with leather spine.

Edition: edition of two, digital color laser prints on Hahnemühle Ingre paper, direct scanned from the original artwork.
Stonehenge perfect bound with a red leather spine by Cat Glennon

Push is another collaborative project by Organik (Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber and Christopher Wilde). Push is part of an Organik series of artists’ books and multimedia paintings (integrating rubbing, drawing and painting) composed of imagery and text gathered in New York City (New Amsterdam) and (Old) Amsterdam.

Push‘s content focuses on the ethics of perception and the images and texts are concerned with the empathic functions of vision and hearing within complex and colliding cultures. A fractured narrative thrusts a cavalcade of characters at the reader, cranky philosophers, trenchant artists, a sad clown, a man who thinks he is everything he sees, saintly angels, and others have their soliloquies embedded in their portraits.