Josh MacPhee

Posters for Palestine portfolio

Josh MacPhee

Posters for Palestine portfolio



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Archival Paper


38 × 26 × 1 in




Brooklyn, NY


Lane Sell, Shoestring Press

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Northwestern University

“These ten posters were designed in the fall of 2023, in the wake of Israel’s most recent genocidal assault on Gaza and the rest of the Occupied Territories, and in connection with a renewed international resistance by and in solidarity with Palestinians.

I have been involved in different ways and capacities with the struggle for a free Palestine since the mid-1990s. The ongoing genocide is unfathomable in scope and brutality, and these images address that directly. At the same time, we are seeing an international outpouring of support for Palestine, and the enclosed posters are buoyed by the hope that this brings.

Each of these ten posters were printed in an edition of 30 — 10 were distributed to groups organizing in New York City to use during demonstrations and actions; the remaining 20 are signed and numbered, with #1-10 being assembled into portfolios (of which this is one), and #11-20 being sold individually.

The individual prints were sold to fundraise for multiple organizations and projects, including: Palestine Legal, the Palestinian Youth Movement, Within Our Lifetime, BDS Movement, Writers Against the War in Gaza, a mutual aid project in Rafah, as well as multiple crowd-funded campaigns to support families both in Gaza and those trying to safely leave. As of May 2024, over $8,000 has been raised and distributed. Additional funds are anticipated from the sale of the portfolios.” —Josh MacPhee

These posters were printed at Shoestring Press in Brooklyn, by master printer Lane Sell and shop manager Erich Erving, between November 2023 and March 2024. The portfolio enclosures were produced by hand by Sarah Nicholls.