María Verónica San Martín

Philadelphia (Epidemic Emergency Hospital in 1968)

María Verónica San Martín

Philadelphia (Epidemic Emergency Hospital in 1968)



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Rives BFK




20 × 30 in


Brooklyn, NY

$ 3,000.00


This etching was created on a zinc plate using a found dentist tool. Printed at home using the Rembrandt technique.

“During quarantine far from the shared studios I work, I was more connected to printmaking than I had ever been before. With the aim of making visible the injustices produced by the pandemic, I started to use printmaking as a critical tool about the social and political orders and their effects throughout the crisis. These relations resonate. with printmaking processes as metaphors of resistance between oil and water, the actions of carving a surface of the wood and drawing on an etching plate. In the lack of a professional studio/equipment, I explored alternative techniques and materials using what was “in place”. I used a bottle of vodka instead of alcohol, a window instead of a plate, and kitchen stuff as solvents.”  — María Verónica San Martín

Filadelfia es un grabado a punta seca en honor a las enfermeras, médicos y trabajadores de primera línea que hice en marzo-abril de 2020. Este grabado es parte de la serie pandémica compuesta por 16 aguafuertes impresos sin prensa. En su lugar, usé la presión de la mano y el cuerpo con una barra de bambú. Esto es lo que escribí mientras hacía la serie.