Veronika Schäpers

The Japanese Charts from May 25, 1968

Veronika Schäpers

The Japanese Charts from May 25, 1968



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University of Georgia, Athens

In 1969 Peter Handke published his book »Die Innenwelt der Außenwelt der Innenwelt« containing his poems as well as some found text-pieces. By publishing these objets trouvés – side by side to his own poems he did rise them onto the level of literature.

One of those found texts is »Die japanische Hitparade vom 25. Mai 1968« (the japanese charts from may 25th, 1968). It consists of a list of all 20 songs in the japanese charts that special day, all of them translated or phonetically transcribed into English. This adds a level of abstraction to the text that gets even stronger by some misspellings that happened when the japanese syllables and chinese characters were transformed into the alphabet.

Letterpress print from polymer plates using the font Hoppe Kara (Japanese) by Joachim Müller-Lancé and Eurostile (German).
Paper: Daiyabodo HA 1625, HA 2024 and TS-9 Tantoserekuto.
Taktatome – Tempospur: a 7’’-single with a composition by Dirk P. Haubrich, inspired by the japanese charts from may 25th, 1968.
Transparent acrylic case with grey and orange endings.
The german text was quoted without any corrections from the original source.
12 pages. 6.61 x 6.61 inches
Edition of 35 copies using Arabic numerals and 15 copies using Roman numerals
Karlsruhe / Berlin, 2016

Peter Handke / The Japanese Charts from May 25, 1968 on vimeo