Golnar Adili

Perhaps All of the Sky…

Golnar Adili

Perhaps All of the Sky…




8 × 6 in


$ 20.00



Booklyn is pleased to present “perhaps all the sky is unable to turn a page of this tightness of the heart,” an exhibition of prints, collages, and a new artist book by Golnar Adili.

Endless gestural repetitions of hands, fingers, and the occasional forearm are mitigated by a constellation of threads of graphite and the patterning formed of aligned images.  Adili examines such visual movements as might a scientist studying the habits and patterns of a species.  So too the collages nod back to the photographic studies of Eadweard Muybridge.  The obsessiveness is devotional: endearing, affectionate.  A psychological and physiological portrait study of the father.  Through this emergence, it is at once a specific father; her father, and yet one who figuratively approaches an archetype, existing simply as a person whose presence remains only in words and papers, in the memory and investigative imaginings of another generation.

In this way the work exudes a resilient universality, bringing with it questions of identity, memory, loss, place, and translation; seeming bedfellows of an unconquerable longing to understand one’s history.