Fly Orr: Peops #6

Fly Orr: Peops #6


5.5 × 8.5 × 0.25 in


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PEOPs is a collection of portraits stories – each page contains a new face surrounded by words – for the most part the words are a story that the person tells about themselves or about something they experienced or about something they heard it’s usually a conversational dialogue – it’s all about my interaction with the person while I’m drawing them. The idea for PEOPs happened while I was touring the world in a band called God is My Co-Pilot. Sometimes we would be in a new place almost every day there was usually time between setting up equipment and the show to get to know the locals. I always had my sketchbook and would draw people just out of habit the conversations were very interesting because many time people were speaking english as a second language so the way that they phrased things was often very poetic beautiful so i would write down the conversations at some point i realized i had a collection of drawings of people stories i thought it would make a great zine after that i started going after people making them sit for me tell me stories the format became much more structured refined the important thing for me in doing these portraits is the idea of a documentation of a hidden history of everyday life all the people i have met artists activists writers travelers anarchists poets cartoonists pilots musicians psychologists moms kids dads grandparents punks dykes trannies drug dealers teachers squatters you get the idea the categories are endless but the idea is that everyone has an incredible story to tell everyone deserves a voice everyone deserves to be listened to. – FLY

This is the sixth in a seven-part series.
36 Pages