Micha BrendelUlf Stolterfoht

Para schwarte – schaut auf diese haut (Para schwarte – look at this skin)

Micha Brendel, Ulf Stolterfoht

Para schwarte – schaut auf diese haut (Para schwarte – look at this skin)



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Hand-painting, Letterpress


Hand-sewn, Leather case, full


Artist Book


18.25 × 13.25 in


Uwe Warnke Verlag

$ 8,800.00


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Bowdoin College

University of California, Berkeley (UCB), The Bancroft Library

Booklyn is proud to be the exclusive US distributor for the sculptor Micha Brendel, winner of the 2013 Aquamediale no. 9, Art Award, and his book Para schwarte—schaut auf diese haut (Look at this skin). This dramatic book is constructed almost entirely from animal skins and organs, with text from award-winning author Ulf Stolterfoht.

muscles flexed. next, instant access: as preface. it all begins with the trimming. twittering from the lime paste. prose
insert the tanners. then: the real test. grain scratches. a kind of damage report. it was zealous in the grind. subgenre lyrical tissue. and in the end: a load of bearing amino groups like: virulent shaver-box calf softies. indecency, distance was taken from songlike approxi sweet chamois leather dresser.
—Ulf Stolterfoht, excerpt from Para schwarte—schaut auf diese haut,
translated by Mitch Cohen

Publisher Uwe Warnke and his press are an iconoclastic and critical aesthetic intellectual force in the developing literature of German literature and art. Warnke’s singular and piercing perspective originate in part with his work in the Samizdat publications of the East German socialist (not yet Bolshevist) resistance to the Soviet-styled former East German government. Warnke’s work as a publisher and an artist now explores the political and cultural deficits of the somewhat wholehearted German acceptance of Western capitalist / consumerist culture while maintaining a sense of humor and aesthetic integrity.

Edition of 5. 18.25×13.25.” Leather case. Animal skins and organs.
Uwe Warnke Verlag, 2004.