Lale Westvind: Other Way

Lale Westvind: Other Way


7 × 8.5 × 0.25 in


$ 6.00


This is the second book in the Now & Here series published with Pegacorn Press.
The first book functioned as an epic poem (though not in form) describing the breath of the Now & Here space through a shifting “hero” (one who watches),
committed to the sacred position, “the battle of the selves”.

This second book is a parable of individual realization, taking place in a microcosm of the grander field described in its prequel, though the same thought-physics still apply.
It is a recording from one of its inhabitants, unlike the “hero” of the first book, “the Walker” is not fully aware of the form of their universe nor it’s fluid dimensions, though they begin to suspect its shape.

The Walker navigates the dimensional overlaps of life in the Now & Here,
her path ricocheting through different worlds and encounters existing simultaneously.
There are other beings whose task it is to effect flow of paths. Confrontations occur in parallel.

Changes in page color signal a dimensional shift. Drawn in pencil.
24 pages, risograph printed in brown and blue ink on orange and blue paper with two color screen printed cover.

8.5 x 7 inches.
Edition of 300.