Nochixtlan no se olvida. (Nochixtlan is not forgotten.)

Nochixtlan no se olvida. (Nochixtlan is not forgotten.)



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Digital print, Inkjet, Photo


Accordion, Custom box


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18 × 6 × 5.5 in




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Stanford University

A unique box set that documents the struggles of the people of Nochixtlan where, in 2016, the Mexican Federal government massacred 6 teachers and wounded hundreds of others protesting its anti-education policies.

The box itself is a pinhole camera and a miniature, shadow-puppet theater that contains a glass tintype, shadow puppets, inkjet photographs, two bullet casings from the massacre, an immolated wallet, a poster from the resistance, and hand-typed texts from Nochixtlan.

It is produced by members of the Gonzalo Guerrero el Grillo bus project in collaboration with the local people of Nochixtlan. Funds from the sale of this box set will fund the educational programs of the bus project.

“Hi Booklyn, how are you!?!?
This is Alessandro from Gonzalo Guerrero el Grillo project. The bus.
Now we are in Chiapas, south of Mexico, we just spent few weeks with the zapatist movement, EZLN. During the trip we had a radio on the bus. We’ve been in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca state. There we met the teachers movement after a week from the “massacre” of the 19 june. We record some testifies from the people who have seen what happened: they where in a action against the education reform. The federal police repress them with fire and killed 13 people! We spent some day with them, taking pictures and recording some interview.
We would like to propose you a box…finally!!!
I send you some material, it still in process, I would like to have some tip from you.
The box recall the bus, because in the back there is a license plate. It’s a plate from a car (maybe police) burned that day. When you open the box you can see a matte glass, which permit to see as a camera, it’s a pinhole camera. You can also use it as a “shadow theater”. The camera is because the photography technique we use: tintype, a print of silver on glass.
Inside the box there will be a book about Nochixtlan, with digital photos, scanning of the tintypes we made and the interview of the people who seen what’s happened.
There will be 2 bullets you can see on the box folder, They are original from that day, and the rests of them surely are in somebody body. We gonna put them on the book cover, the message is: they shoot the education, represented by the book.
In the box we put an original tintype 1/1 about a bus burned from the police (as the sentence inside the box say).
The folder bordertype TJ contain a sample of a poster screenprinted about deported in Tijuana. With the same style we will print around four posters about resistence movement here in Mexico. Front: pictures; back: text about the movement.
The text, specially the one about Nochixtlan, we love to put them in spanish, what do you think? Maybe we can also print a small book with translates?
I think that’s all. Sorry for the long text and my english! Thanks for everything, i hope you are ok and full of projects and ideas!!!
Hope to see you soon!!!”
— Alessandro, February 2017

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