Nicolas Lampert

Greetings from Portland, Oregon: Where We Block Oil Ships

Nicolas Lampert

Greetings from Portland, Oregon: Where We Block Oil Ships



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Portland, OR

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Greetings from Portland, Oregon: Where We Block Oil Ships. Hardcover, case binding. Solvent transfer prints from original photographs. 7 x 9.5 x .75 inches.  16 pages, edition of 15. 2016.

On July 29, 2015 thirteen Greenpeace activists suspended themselves from the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon – preventing a Royal Dutch Shell icebreaker ship – The Fennica – from leaving Portland for Arctic Waters. Gathered on the banks of the Willamette River in Cathedral Park were hundreds of supporters – including Nicolas Lampert taking photos from dusk to nightfall. In the water were “kyactivists” – representing the community and local environmental groups, including Portland Rising Tide and Portland. After preventing The Fennica from passing through for thirty-nine hours, the police removed a number of the climbers, allowing the ship to sail west to Astoria and then north to the Arctic.

Disappointment to The Fennica passing through the “blockadia” was tempered when two months later, in September, Shell Oil announced that it had abandoned plans for the season to drill in the Arctic, citing widespread public opposition, dangerous conditions, and smaller oil and gas reserves than expected. On a larger scale, the Portland action represented one action out of many in the global climate justice movement and the call to shift the energy sector to 100% renewables.

Greetings from Portland is a handmade book consisting of sixteen unique images of the action, each a citrus solve transfer of an original photo or digital print.

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