Multicultural Kids Bundle

Multicultural Kids Bundle

$ 42.00


Celebrate multiculturalism with this bundle of books, great for ages 4-8. Explore Kalipay’s Cebuano heritage, journey through Sudanese landscapes, and rethink popular fairy tales with this Deaf culture coloring book. This gift set includes one hard-cover book, two soft cover books, plus a limited edition hand-printed patch from Booklyn’s exhibition, Lil’ Radicals: Multicultural & Social Justice Kids’ Books in the 21st Century. Rad!

Kadisa كديسة; Rasha Hamid, Sharhabil Ahmed; 2017; 10 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches; 36 pages

Kalipay and the Tiniest Tiktik; Christina Newhard; 2017; 8 by 10 inches; 24 pages

Deaf Culture Fairy Tales; Roz Rozen, Yiqiao Wang; 2017; 6 by 9 inches; 130 pages