Mark Wagner

Mr. Handshake’s Last Gasp

Mark Wagner

Mr. Handshake’s Last Gasp



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Cloth case, Stab




3.25 × 7.5 in

$ 1,200.00


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The University of the Witwatersrand, Wits Art Museum (WAM), Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts

A series of elusive, poetic phrases by Jeremy Schmall, which are overprinted on real US dollar bills. Each stands on its own, yet also weaves into the tragic, redemptive tale of an enigmatic “Mr. Handshake.”

Mr. Handshake’s Last Gasp ASLEEP IN MY SHINY SHOE What I’ve learned fits entirely in a billfold ASK ME HOW I CAN SECURE YOUR SOCIAL STATUS We pursue the beautiful item even in absence DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION Inventory slumbers deep in the warehouse for lack of understanding WHAT’S A DOLLAR WORTH TODAY? a baby elephant? each tooth in your grin? a cinderblock holding up the empire state building? SPENT Whatever ends gracefully still ends

Letterpress on genuine US dollar bills. Semirigid cases covered in Taupe Iris book cloth with foil stamp and applied title bands. Folding bristol board enclosure with letterpress printed belly band. Bills are numbered in pencil on the back to indicate the author’s preferred order 3.25” x 7.” 12 printed pages. Signed and numbered edition of 9 plus 1 AP portfolio. 2011.