Monica McKelvey Johnson

Ouch! My Poor Body

Monica McKelvey Johnson

Ouch! My Poor Body






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Brooklyn, NY


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Mini Comic Pack of 3. Folded Magic Books, 8 pages each.

Our struggle to care for our own bodies is an epic one. There is drama behind each ailment we face—pain, fear, uncertainties, not to mention the obstacles we face when we enter the healthcare system. But what if in hindsight, these epic struggles could be condensed to 8 pages, and abbreviated with the humor and absurdity they deserve?

Ouch! My Poor Body is a series of stories about my body’s aches, pains, and traumas. Ouch! My Poor Foot recounts my years-long struggle with Morton’s Neuroma; Ouch! My Poor Lung is a ridiculous story about an acupuncturist accidentally collapsing my lung with a needle; and Ouch! My Poor Vagina is a story about an IUD insertion that threw my vagina out, and lead to Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. — Monica Johnson