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Mike Taylor Party Pack

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor Party Pack




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Paperbell, Mike Taylor, 2018, B/W Laser printed, saddle-stitch, 8 1/ 2 x 7 inches, 24 pages. Stream of consciousness ink illustrations diverting from the artists’ practice of observational and satirical drawings.

It Looks Like This, 2018, Mike Taylor & Eliot Greenwald, Screenprinted cover, color inside, 6in x 6in, 24 pages, Edition of 200, signed and numbered. A collaborative art book in which five objective descriptions by Mike Taylor of five cassette tape covers and the corresponding drawn interpretations by Eliot Greenwald.

Late Era Clash #25, 2013, Mike Taylor, Risograph, staple bound, 7in x 8.5in, 36 pages, Edition of 500. This epic zine series barely needs an introduction. This issue features a brutal takedown of the art industrial complex with the usual humor Taylor is known for.