Beldan Sezen

Memory Patches

Beldan Sezen

Memory Patches



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Hand-painting, Ink, Monoprint




Artist Book


42 × 37.5 × 1 in




Brooklyn, NY

$ 4,200.00


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Dartmouth College, Rauner Library

University of California, Irvine (UCI)

University of Delaware Library

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Special Collections

In the moment of a happening, there is a moment of chaos which I think is a moment of unaltered truth. All that is said, talked about, reported, eye-witnessed, requested, and observed is fairly unfiltered. It takes time to alter reality. Memory patches is an attempt to preserve those “unofficial’ voices. I sew “patches of information” to a visual blanket as a counterbalance to the implemented versions of all those “alternative truth” seekers. Not because the version I depict is the “right one” but because owners of a de facto totalitarian system do their best to control our judiciaries, executive orders, and news outlets.

I’ve documented the killing of a Turkish prosecutor after an escalated hostage situation. The first part of this work includes voices from one day after the incident. The second part shows what’s left of the incident by now. In times where news stories can be altered into a, “he said/she said” situation with fact-checking websites ending up as yet another weapon for governments, I ended up focusing on the question “Who benefitted from the incident?” rather than “Who shot the prosecutor?”.

Institutional Collectors: University of California at Irvine (UCI), University of Wisconsin (Madison) Special Collections, Dartmouth College, University of Delaware