Meg Hewitt: Tokyo is Yours

Meg Hewitt: Tokyo is Yours


8 × 10 × 2 in


$ 120.00


Meg Hewitt: Tokyo is Yours. 9.5 x 6.75 x .5 inches, 104 pages, Image wrapped hardcover, cloth spine, hand stitched, 170gsm paper, 69 tritone images. Signed & Numbered.
Edition numbers 1-100 come with a A5 size print of the screaming cat. Edition 60/100. Each comes with original print, signed and numbered by the artist. Printed by Narayana Press in Denmark in June 2017.
The culmination of a two year project inspired by manga, surrealism and film noir and set in Japan post the Great East Earthquake of 2011.
Initially fascinated by the apparent inability to evacuate Tokyo in the case of a major disaster, I wanted to explore what it is like to live there. I was confronted by a culture that still surprises me in both its traditions, and in its innovations and how they co-exist in this inescapable bubble.