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Edition: three, digital color laser prints on HahnemühleIngre paper, direct scanned from the original artwork.
Perfect adhesive binding, with fold-out half casing by Cat Glennon
Matchless is another collaborative project by Organic (Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber, and Christopher Wilde). Push is part of an Organic series of artists’ books editioned from multimedia paintings (integrating rubbing, drawing, and painting) composed of imagery and text gathered in New York City (New Amsterdam), (Old) Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Offenbach am Main, Frankfurt, and other cities throughout Germany.

Matchless content focuses on the multi-faceted history of the Netherlands through both familiar icons recognizable to a global audience, such as windmills and pastoral scenery, and local icons familiar to the Dutch such as assassinated Dutch politician Pym Fortun.

Indeed, Matchless takes on the entire issue of Dutch identity and its testy relationship to European and global history enigmatically mixing Dutch windmills with the character of Don Quixote, geisha girls with Den Haag scenery, and the Paris labor riots with Amsterdam tulip gardens.