Marshall Weber

Marshall Weber Artist’s Book Archive

Marshall Weber

Marshall Weber Artist’s Book Archive




Collage, Hand-painting, Ink, Inkjet, Pencil, Photo, Rubbing, Xerox


Accordion, Coptic, Hand-sewn, Perfect, Stapled


Box Set


Brooklyn, NY


Booklyn, Inc.


The personal collection of over 300 artists books and production ephemera created by Marshall Weber, Directing Curator and founder of Booklyn from 1977 through 2015

Weber is known as both a pioneering curator in the field of artists’ books and as an interdisciplinary artist whose major body of artists’ books center around his performance work, his collage, and his innovative printmaking. The archive is composed of master copies of Weber’s editioned books, numerous unique books, and prints, drawings, original artwork, mockups, test pages, page spreads, culls, and artist’s proofs. The materials span from Weber’s “odd book” beginnings in the early 1980s (arrived at through experiments in poetry, performance art, collage, and photography, rather than formal training in printmaking or publishing) through his formal introduction to the concept of the artist’s book in the 1990s and to date as new books are added each year. The archive also includes books and ephemera from his long-time collaboration with Organik (a collaborative artist’s book group) and includes a number of contemporary artists’ books featuring digital photography. Some of their remaining works have been organized into a subcollection containing press material, photographs, and page proofs.

Notable Creators and Authors:
Kurt Allerslev, Steve Hurd, Lewis Koch, Manuel Ocampo, Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, Fred Rinne, Annie Sprinkle, Stan Shellabarger, Rigo23, Robbin Ami Silverberg,  Dana Smith, Peter Spagnuolo, Christopher Wilde, Mark Wagner, Xu Bing.

Notable Publishers and Art Collectives:
Artichoke Yink Press, Booklyn, Centre for Fine Print Research, ComPress, Dana Dana Dana Limited Editions, Organik, Mark Wagner, San Francisco North Mission News

Item Count: 300+ items, 5 Bankers Boxes, 9 OS File Folders.