Mariame Kaba

Mariame Kaba Zine Box Set

Mariame Kaba

Mariame Kaba Zine Box Set



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Box set


Box Set, Zine


New York, NY


Booklyn, Inc.


Custom-made archival box with colophon

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Mariame Kaba’s Box Set is an educational primer on current thoughts, history, and resources surrounding prison reform, racial injustice, and transformational justice. The zines and ephemera span prison and racial injustice topics such as the Attica Prison uprising of 1971, the Assata Shakur case, the history of incarcerated Black women from the 19th and 20th centuries, the importance of protest, walking tours of NYC as they relate to slavery and radical Black women, histories of Black women in Chicago, accountability, and transformational justice.

17 zines
11 buttons
4 stickers
4 postcards


  • A Call to Negro Women, Mariame Kaba & Ashley Farmer, 2019. designed by Jordan De Loach
  • A Story of Attica , Mariame Kaba & Lewis Wallace, 2011. designed by Micah Bazant
  • Assata’s Testimony, Mariame Kaba & Monica Trinidad, 2017.
  • Black Inside, Conceptualized by Mariame Kaba. designed by Firebelly Design
  • Groundhog Day: The Killing of Bonita Carter, Mariame Kaba; designed by Neta Bomani, Irrelevant Press, 2020.
  • Laura Scott, Negress San Quentin Prisoner #23187, Mariame Kaba. designed by Micah Bazant, 2012.
  • Lifting as They Climbed: A Coloring Book of Notable Chicago Black Women, Jane Ball, Deb Kim, Akinyi Otieno, Monica Trinidad.
  • Lifting as They Climbed: Mapping a History of Black Women on Chicago’s South Side, Mariame Kaba & Essence McDowell Chicago Black Women Tour, 2018.
  • No Lady, Anonymous, Reprinted from Chicago Seed, 1981. Conceived by Mariame Kaba and Designed by neta bomani
  • No Selves to Defend, curated by Mariame Kaba, Chicago Alliance To Free Marissa Alexander, 2014.
  • Radical Black Women of Harlem Tour, designed by Neta Bomani
  • Slavery and Resistance in NYC: A Walking Tour, Mariame Kaba, 2018. designed by Micah Bazant
  • Taking The First Step: Ten Suggestions To People Called Out For Abusive Behavior, Wispy Cookies (originally published in Jan/Feb 2002 in Clamor Magazine). Conceived by Mariame Kaba and designed by Flynn Nicholls.
  • Trying to Make the Personal Political: Feminism and Consciousness-Raising, foreword by Mariame Kaba; prepared by Lori Sharpe, Jane Ginsburg & Gail Gordon; afterword by Jacqui Shine, Half Letter Press, 2017.
  • White People Hate Protests, Mariame Kaba, Carolyn Chernoff, Kelly Hayes, Dick Gregory, 1963/2017/2018.
  • Who’s Left: Prison Abolition, Flynn Nicholls (Article), Medium, 2017.
  • Why Protest, Mariame Kaba. Designed by Megan Doty, 2017.
  • Ephemera:

  • #CuomoMIA Where Are Our Commutations? (button).
  • Abolish Prison, Sex Work is Work, No Human Being Is Illegal (button).
  • #FreeThemAll (button).
  • Cece McDonald #SayHerName (button).
  • Hope Is A Discipline (button).
  • Prison Is Not Feminist (button).
  • Monica Jones #SayHerName (button).
  • Survived and Punished NYC Free Them All (button).
  • Survived and Punished NYC #Free Them All (Green) (button).
  • Ida B Wells (button).
  • Celia & Joan & CeCe & Marissa & Cyntoia (button).
  • Assata Shakur (postcard).
  • Angela Davis (postcard).
  • Huey Newton (postcard).
  • George Jackson (postcard).
  • Prison Is Not Feminist (sticker).
  • Tell the Facts Ida B Wells (sticker).
  • Let This Radicalize You Rather Than Lead You to Despair (sticker).
  • Survived and Punished #Free Them All (sticker).