Brian D. Tripp

Making Medicine Box Set #1, Almost Found Its Mark

Brian D. Tripp

Making Medicine Box Set #1, Almost Found Its Mark



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Ball pen, Collage, Hand-painting, Ink, Marker pen


Box set


Box Set


17 × 21 in



$ 8,600.00


This unbound portfolio of ten powerful expressionistic drawings illuminates Karuk life and beliefs with passion and humor, providing an instructive window into one of the few indigenous peoples in North America who have not been forced out of their land of origin. Images of the forked branches used for archery practice and other icons hold myriad symbolic meanings both oblique and universal. The drawings are all on the back of recruiting posters for Native American doctors issued by the California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc., and were created from 1984 through 1986. These are some of the last works of Brian D. Tripp’s that are still dated. In the 1990s Brian disavowed the use of Western European chronological designations on his artwork.

Tripp uses his artwork to demonstrate his commitment to his community and Native American culture and his lifelong devotional interest in giving life to traditions and history. Tripp’s art provides a new perspective on imagery familiar to the artist and Native American tradition: motifs from basket work, arrowheads, ceremonial objects, and Karuk regalia – symbols passed down for generations are reinvigorated by Tripp’s use of vibrant color and formal geometric iconography. His contemporary versions pay homage to the inherent power of images long in use.