Keg de Souza: Homage OR Indignity?

Keg de Souza: Homage OR Indignity?


8 × 10 × 1 in


$ 6.00


Risograph, japanese stab bound. Isle of Sky Scotland, 2015. Edition of 150. 6 x 4 inches. 24 pgs.

In this zine, Keg de Souza’s sig- nature illustrations complement a series of quips and pieces of advice proffered by her traveling companions. In addition, de Souza describes a trip to the Isle of Skye.

A mix of storytelling, play, and documentation, Souza’s work addresses the meeting of cultures. Contrasting her own Australian background with that of the various countries to which she travels, Souza shares the knowledge she gains as well as her misadventures.