Knox Roxs

Knox Roxs


10 × 13 × 1 in



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Knox Roxs, Jennifer White-Johnson & Kevin T.Johnson Jr., Homie House Press; Oct 2018; Soft cover, 10 x 13 in;72 pages, 49 photos, color digital; Edition of 100

KNOX ROXS is a publication advocating for the acceptance of nuerodiversity. It seeks to break the stigma of racialized autism through documentation that follows a very special boy, Knox—a five year-old black autistic child.

Autism is a complex cognitive disability that we are honored to represent in this book. Jennifer White-Johnson, mother to Knox, has made it her passion to dive into the complexities of Knox’s neurodiversity. Often the neurodiverse community is excluded from artistic narratives and creative spaces. We are excited to embrace this group’s complexities as we continue to embrace our own. This project comes together with White-Johnson’s personal practice of photography which she uses to allow herself not to be afraid of letting the world in, allowing for her son’s story to become a force for healing.

An autistic person should not be limited by popular opinions of how they should operate or be limited by the ideas others have regarding their abilities. Autistic voices should be included in any public discourse on Autism. Advocate acceptance!

“I met Jennifer and Knox this year and fell in love with them! They are joyful advocates of Black Autistic Voices, and their book, Knox Roxs, is an explosion of that joy.”