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Print portfolio in custom silkscreened canvas case, 2019 Includes 10 screenprints, risographs, 3 offset prints, 3 stickers and 5 buttons. 12 in x 19 in x 1 inch. Edition of 10. Published by Interference Archive.

With the Arab Spring, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, #NoDAPL, and now the resistance to the Donald Trump presidency, we’ve seen a new explosion of 21st Century agit-prop. People of all stripes have hit the streets, placards and banners in hand, wearing t-shirts and buttons, passing out flyers and stickers to protest social injustices. This boost of political ephemera hasn’t been created in a vacuum: since the advent of the printing press and moveable type, political slogans and graphics have been part of our daily existence. Politicizing communication is the constant accompaniment of people organizing to improve the lives of their families, communities, and co-workers.

Agit-Prop is short for agitational propaganda, from the same root as “propagate,” referring to information that is shared in support of a cause. In modern times, the word propaganda has been weighed with negative connotations. Since 2016, Interference Archive has hosted a series of “Propaganda Parties” to reclaim the word and highlight the radical potential of agit-prop to instigate change.

The goals of these parties are:
*to have critical conversations about the current role of propaganda in our lives and in our communities
*to create new agit-prop to support social justice movements and community organizations
*to distribute these materials freely, and through the act of celebration

Ungovernable Antifascist, Kyle Goen (Inaugurating Resistance, Jan. 2017)
Slow Down Sloth, Monica Johnson (Families for Safe Streets, Sept. 2018)
Chinga La Migra, Gabriel Lee (Brooklyn Defense Committee, Sept. 2018) University as Factory—No!, Josh MacPhee (May Day, April 2018)
Libertad de Movimiento, Daniela Mekler (Brooklyn Defense Committee, Sept. 2018) No Bans on Stolen Land, Dylan Miner (Building Resistance, March 2017)
No Borders, Amanda Priebe (Building Resistance, March 2017)
Shared Values, Mahira Raihan (Hate Free Zone Queens, July 2018) Sanctuary Cities Now, Pete Railand (Inaugurating Resistance, Jan. 2017)
Cultivate Resistance, Luke Thomas (Inaugurating Resistance, Jan. 2017)

Offset Posters
We Will Defend Each Other, Micah Bazant (Building Resistance, March 2017) Sanctuary, Chris Lee (Building Resistance, March 2017)
There Are Too Many People in Prisons, Josh MacPhee (Beyond Prisons, July 2016) Invest In Families, Ernesto Yerena (Beyond Prisons, July 2016)

Immigrants Are Not the Enemy, Kevin Caplicki (May Day, April 2018) General Strike, Kyle Lane-McKinley (Inaugurating Resistance, Jan.2017)
Don’t Mourn, Organize, Janina Larenas (Inaugurating Resistance, Jan. 2017) Climate Justice, Jesse Purcell (Sowing Resistance, April 2017)

We Stand With Standing Rock, Lmnopi (Building Resistance, March 2017)
We Are the Granddaughters of Witches, Amanda Priebe (Building Resistance, March 2017) We Are Ungovernable, Nicole Rodrigues (Building Resistance, March 2017)
Dismantle ICE, Defund the Police, Rommy Torrico (Building Resistance, March 2017)
Nos Cubrimos Las Espaldas, Christine Wong Yap (Building Resistance, March 2017)