Deb Sokolow

Inside the Famous Architect’s Compound

Deb Sokolow

Inside the Famous Architect’s Compound



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Gouache, Pencil


Accordion, Paper case


9 × 6.25 × 0.25 in

$ 2,600.00

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Deb Sokolow’s blueprint-like floor plans and captions, hand-rendered across several accordion-folded pages, depict the home base of the Famous Architect, a fictitious character based on Frank Lloyd Wright. The day-to-day operations of the fortress-like compound, loosely similar to Wright’s Taliesin estate near Spring Green, Wisconsin, can closely be compared to that of a cult. Inside the compound, secret rooms stay secret at all costs. Servants, AKA “architectural apprentices” must be controlled. Outsiders can never gain access to the dark and dirty workings of the compound, and any change in rules or décor can only made by the master himself.