Stephen Dupont

Fucked Up Fotos

Stephen Dupont

Fucked Up Fotos



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Harvard University, Fine Arts Library

As he reveals in his introduction, “Fragments &​ Broken Frames,” Stephen Dupont meticulously archives all of his photographic contact sheets and negatives, throwing nothing away, and struggles with editing to select his best work for publication. He writes, “This book, however, is not about my best work. It features only the work I originally overlooked. They are mishaps; mistakes and general fuck-ups along the way, photographs that would have never seen the light of day.” Trawling through his rejects like a surrealist seeking the “extraordinary, magical and poetic,” Dupont groups his selections into a few broad categories and reproduces most of them at the same scale as the originals, surrounded by the multicoloured chinagraph scars of his previous edits. He concludes that perfection is boring, and these imperfect, complex, and mysterious interwoven moments “offer a new meaning to the art of photography itself, like fractured puzzle pieces from a waking dream.”