Fred RinneMarshall Weber

After the Future is Over

Fred Rinne, Marshall Weber

After the Future is Over




Artist Book


10.75 × 13.5 in


Brooklyn, NY, San Francisco, CA


Paper Case

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“Not for the faint of art, Fred Rinne’s enigmatic and frenetic urban folk paintings exponentially amplify Weber’s dystopian poetic riff on the fever-nightmares prompted by Weber’s three-month-long Covid plague lockdown in a room in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. With one window facing a brick wall, and the constant wailing of ambulance sirens punctuated only by gunshots, the lockdown finally wrapped up with exuberant Black Lives Matter protests which were met with constant police brutality, in part, consisting of LA style police helicopter harassment and squad car siren use abuse in the predominantly African and Caribbean American neighborhood. FTP truly!

If you’ve followed Rinne’s long and fruitful career as one of the only makers of contemporary American illuminated manuscripts and artists’ books not hobbled by conventional Eurocentric aesthetics and a complete lack of humor, you will be astounded at this “welcome to the next level” of Rinne’s passionate illustration and lettering style. No reproduction of this tome can do it justice, you need to hold the weirdness in your lap to truly appreciate it.”
Karen Eliot, ArtRant, June 2020