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Eleven is a photographic essay by Marshall Weber combined with texts by New York writers, which together document the visual and text environment of New York City in the weeks after 9/11. The book has an innovative structure of alternating vertical and horizontal page-spread orientation. The alternating orientation prompts the reader to rotate the book 90 degrees with each page turn. A small white or black silhouette of the WTC Towers rises from the bottom right-hand corner of every page spread to assist the reader with keeping the proper page orientation. Two recessed bars on the front cover both recall the missing Towers and act as a mnemonic device to remind the reader where the front of the book is located since the direction of page turning varies with the page orientation. The constant re-orientation produces a visceral experience of vertigo that evokes the intensely disorienting atmosphere of 9/11 yet keeps the reader engaged with the texts and images. In exhibition Eleven is mounted on a matte-black turntable for easy manipulation by readers; there are three exhibition copies.

Book design: Marshall Weber, Christopher Wilde, and Sara Parkel.
Page design: Marshall Weber and Alison E. Williams.
Text design: Alison E. Williams.
Binding: Sara Parkel.
Illustration: Isabelle Weber.

Accompanied by a CD (set into the back inside cover) produced by Christopher Wilde, featuring texts from the book recited by the authors: writer Ellis Avery, Judith Foster (director of the Neighborhood School, a downtown Manhattan public elementary school), artist/journalist MT Karthik, poet/chanteuse Jane LeCroy, poet/civil rights activist Peter Spagnuolo and M. Weber.

2002, edition of 50, 72 pages. 9” x 6.” Digitally printed Fiery color copies on high gloss photographic quality paper. Hand bound with black Laval velvet, with an audio CD.