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Collage, Gouache, Hand-painting, Ink, Monoprint, Pencil, Rubbing, Watercolor, Wood




15 × 20 × 0.75 in


Brooklyn, NY

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Grinnell College

Echo is a wax rubbing and ink and pigment painting collage book made over the course of 6 years. The original 6 x 6-foot piece of handmade thick Japanese Kozo paper was rubbed from the giant I Ching wheel plaque at the Chinatown LA light rail station. Other rubbings in the book come from various memorial plaques in: Echo Park in LA, Foley Square in NYC, upstate New York, and various locales in Denmark. 

The title refers to many subjects (and incorporates their stories), including the Greek mountain nymph named Echo, the above-mentioned park, and the structure of the book itself which is oddly symmetrical in structure and story. In line with the original myth of Echo’, Weber’s original poem (“The Past is Cold“) concerns unrequited love, justice, and beauty. Found texts form the introduction of the poem exemplifying Organik’s global cut and paste collage practice.

Media includes Sumi ink, turmeric pigment, wax crayon, various marker pens, and other media.

the past is cold

the future is burning
a flaming wheel of knives
spinning into the wilderness of mirrors

please open your eyes
and tell me again
how this came to pass

this firestorm of lies made truth
and truth made lie

explain how 
this molten heat flourished
in human form

your body transfigured
into boundary-less smoke

your hot tongued story
burnt into stone
yet incomprehensible