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DREAMING/WORKING: Fundraiser Care Package


$ 75.00


DREAMING/WORKING, a fundraiser care package to support Booklyn Artists, 2020. Edition Size: 9

Suggested donation: $100
(sliding scale options starting at $75)

DREAMING/WORKING is our second ltd edition fundraiser care package that directly supports Booklyn artists. We curate our care packages to be relevant to our present moment. DREAMING/WORKING explores the idea of fibers, both literally and conceptually—as plant-based materials made by hands and for handling, and as an essential structure of our social and political character. Both kinds break down and rebuild. Both are part of our survival, and both require us to dream and to work. Although our ability and access to employment is under threat, and our nightly dreams have never been more bizarre, fibers keep us connected and grounded. 

The regular income we provide to Booklyn Artists is a critical resource, and we are doing everything we can to continue to provide this. 100% of proceeds go directly into regular monthly payments to artists while our business is on pause.

Included in this care package:

Dreaming: He Is At Work (5 Year Plan Jhola Project, 2018; 16in x 14in, screenprint on homespun khadi) 5 Year Jhola Project is a Seva (service) in honor of MK Gandhi that produces small editions of jhola bags (sling bags) and reduces the degrees of separation between village India, the contemporary art world, and you. This jhola bag was designed by David Dunlap.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Meredith Stern, Second Printing, 2019; 36 pages, Offset Printed by Black Cat Graphics in Providence, RI; 12in x 9in) The declaration was adopted by the United Nations in 1948 to address many of the injustices that took place during the World War II, including issues pertaining to civil rights, economic rights, political rights, sexual rights, environmental rights, social rights, and developmental rights. Each page represents a linoleum cut print illustrating each article.

Break Down Workbook #1 (Brett Bloom, 2016; 24 pages, Risograph; 5.5in x 4.25in, soft-cover, saddle-stitched, edition of 300) This is the first in a series of workbooks published by Break Down Press. The intention of Workbook #1 is to help focus discussions and efforts to shift the ways in which we talk about and practice ecological awareness in art and everyday situations.

Healthcare For All (Monica Johnson, 2020; linocut print on handmade mask; organic cotton broadcloth; 6in x 7in) Johnson has sewn and distributed over 300 masks to home birth aids, ER nurses, essential workers, and “high-risk” individuals throughout NYC since March 2020. They are slowly becoming available on our webshop to fundraise for Booklyn. A printed mask pattern is included. Masks have an opening to insert a filter (not included).

Plant Me (Jan Descartes, 2020; 4in x 6in) This plantable seed paper was handmade from paper mulberry trees, and the text is stamped using pokeberry ink, all harvested, processed and created in Brooklyn, NY by the artist. It was created as part of a zine by Radical Gardeners NYC (RGNYC), a mutual aid group that embraces gardening and plant medicine as a means to food autonomy and an extension of anarchist ideas of community support. The seeds embedded in the paper will vary and include Basil, Rosemary, Carrot, Southern Giant Curled Mustard, and Bachelor’s Button. Plant this paper and watch it grow 😉