Danielle McCoy

Disposable Negroes

Danielle McCoy

Disposable Negroes



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Yale University, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

“The world’s sociopolitical climate reveals tell-tale signs about how many black lives seem to be worth. From the Dominican Republic to other countries across the globe, the world’s collective actions prove that it holds black lives in very little regard. In America, it seems as though not as much has changed as we’d like to think as it regards racial relations since Emmett Till’s death— that is the reality I wanted to communicate with this book. By using the conventions of the four-color screen printing process and the form of a dos-a-dos book structure, my goal was to tell Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin’s individual stories while highlighting the parallel between their deaths. The book’s form ultimately serves as a kind of metaphor for these boys’ kindred fate.” — Danielle McCoy, artist.

This artist’s book was included in the College Book Arts Association’s (CBAA) traveling exhibition, Rising Together.