Marshall Weber

Déjà Vu

Marshall Weber

Déjà Vu



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Collage, Ink, Offset print


Paper case


20 × 13.5 in


Brooklyn, NY

$ 2,300.00

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Harvard University Map Collection, Pusey Library

A unique book of ink brush calligraphy over vintage U.S. Geological Survey Maps (de-aquisitioned from Northwestern University’s Map collection) collaged and bound into a codex form. 

Weber appropriates lyrics from the hippie-era anthem of the same name (written by David Crosby and first appearing on the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young album on the album Déjà vu.)

Using the cadence of the song as his guide for the design and performance of the calligraphy Weber evokes the rhythm of the song itself. The placement of these somewhat vague lyrics, “We have all been here before…”, onto the maps builds a terse yet playful relationship between the lyrics and the visual cartography.