David Sandlin: The Avengelist

David Sandlin: The Avengelist


15 × 20 × 1 in


Screenprinted cover, offset on newsprint interior. 17 x 12 inches. 36 pages. Edition of 500, signed.

The latest book in his Sinner’s Progress series, The Avengelist takes the form of a pulp comic-book adventure. Previous books in the series have been hand-printed and -bound in very limited editions, but in keeping with this volume’s comic-book concept, the 36-page Avengelist is offset-printed in two colors on newsprint with a screenprinted cover.

Bill Grimm is back! After years of adventures on the road peddling religious gimcracks, the huckster protagonist of Sandlin’s Sinner’s Progress series is now the CEO of Pur-Ton-o-Fun Co, manufacturer of puritanical novelty items. He’s almost ready to open the gates of his Fundamentalist fun park, Slumburbia, and should be reveling in anticipation of its success, but the un-ignorable stress of current events have eroded Bill’s peace of mind. Instead of sleeping the smug sleep of the righteous, in the face of worldwide war and strife, Bill’s having disturbing power fantasies in which he’s an avengelist of “hymn power” for the “greater good.” At first, all seems well, but how long can he make it last?