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Josh MacPhee

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Brooklyn, NY


Pound the Pavement


Eureka! House

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18 risograph printed posters on cardstock, 2 sheets of front matter, front and back covers on chipboard. Perfect bound, with angle-cut cover. Each poster is 1-4 colors, with a total of 9 colors on 6 different colored paper stocks. Signed and numbered edition of 100 books

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Back in 2018 I began digging through boxes and boxes of old files and artwork, and I unearthed a wealth of graphics I had produced protesting police brutality and lack of accountability. I used that body of work to create Total Control (Pound the Pavement #20), which has since sold out.

I wanted to go back in and work with these images again and continue to give them new lives, so I created this poster book, with reworkings of 18 of the graphics I created over a 25-year period between 1995–2020. They follow the arc of my thinking around—and representation of—the intersecting issues of police violence, institutional racism (bordering on genocide), surveillance, corruption, and more. — Josh MacPhee

This book contains two pages of front matter, 18 risograph-printed posters, a die-cut and printed front cover, and a chipboard back cover. Each poster is perforated and intended to be pulled out and displayed, copied, or otherwise used and re-used.

All of the printing, collating, perforating, and binding of the 100 copies of the book was done at Eureka! House in Kingston, NY.