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Collage, Facsimile, Hand-painting, Inkjet, Pencil, Photo


New York, NY

$ 20,000.00


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University of Connecticut (UCONN)

Artwork and ephemera created and collected in response to 9/11 by Marshall Weber, Directing Curator of Booklyn, Inc. The majority of this collection deals with Weber’s performance piece and art installation Even the Birds Were On Fire, which served as a multi-faceted reaction to the turbulent political climate following the attacks of September 11th.

This collection includes a number of artists’ books, many of which were created in joint efforts with other performance artists, bookbinders, and printers. The collection also includes culls, extra prints, unbound manuscript pages, and pages of Weber’s handwritten notes tracking the mental processes involved in the collaborative creative process. Various media formats (video and photographs) taken throughout the performance and installation tour (New York City and Seoul). Also included are stage props and costumes used during performances, and ephemera of the Weber family (items distributed by Weber’s daughter’s schoolteachers, legal documents, and local press reactions).

Associated digital files (photographs, audio files) and other materials that are not yet inventoried are included in this Archive.

Note: The [item] Bag of 9/11 “dust” collected from the WTC site and a nearby residence will be donated to the institution that acquires the archive. The artist states that it is not and should not be considered part of the acquisition offer. 

Bulk of materials: 2001-2004
Item Count: Approximately 797 items.
Notable Creators and Authors: 
Ellis Avery, Judith Foster, M.K. Karthik, Jane LeCroy, Sara Parkel, Mark Wagner, Marshall Weber, Christopher Wilde, various others.