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Ink, Monoprint, Rubbing, Wax



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Library of Congress (LoC)

A unique and abstract version within Weber’s “Coronation/s” series of books.

The imagery is created by using wax matrices rubbed from a bronze plaque portrait of the Statue of Liberty at Union Square and from a bronze plaque of the Chrysler Building on 41st Street. The rubbings are inked with Sumi ink and then printed. The monoprints and rubbings alternate between almost transparent Gifu Shoji paper and opaque Rives BFK paper adding both a tactile pattern and alternating levels of transparency.

Obscured by the aleatory characteristics of the medium and mono-printing technique, confused by the collisions within the page spread collages and the shifts in orientation that each image embodies, the reconfigured iconic landmarks are re-envisioned from an elegant and visceral perspective. The elegant oscillation from oblique iconic familiarity to strange abstracted figuration and back dances the images through the reader’s consciousness and sub-conscious perceptions.;